Alberta Rig Worker Strikes Remarkable Jackpot

When you are working away a hard 10 hours it’s easy to catch yourself day dream. What if I wasn’t stuck here doing this job? What if I was on a beach in Hawaii getting a foot massage? We all dream of escaping our tired reality. But for most of us the only time we escape the everyday grind is for the two weeks of paid vacation we get.

Except for one Alberta man.

His day dreaming lifestyle came true when he hit a jaw dropping lottery winning in Canada. His luck struck when he was doing a grocery run and had to run back to grab cat food he forgot. While at the till he grabbed a couple LottoMax tickets not thinking much of it.

Only when he returned later to check the tickets did he realize he had hit it big. We are talking 50 million reasons not to worry about money big.

He has no intentions of going back to the oil rig for work but says he looks forward to enjoying his new found wealth.